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Brief history and background of National Christian Development Organisation "NCDO" from the Executive Director, Mr.Malish Joseph WHO WE ARE

National Christian Development Organization (NCDO) was conceived late 2004 but it came to existence in September 2005 when the visionaries came together in union inspired by the need of the Nuba people and the sudanese for provision of quality services from education, water ,and sanitation, agriculture, construction, carpentry and mechanical work to the people of Nuba mountains. It was registered with SSRRC/HAC in South Kordofan State since 2007. And Now is registered as one of the national voluntery Humanterian Orgnations in Sudan with the ministry of Humanterian afairs. Humanterian Aid Commission..

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Following the recent war out brake in South Kordan in Sudan, hundreds of the Nuba people fled to take refuge in most parts of South Sudan. NCDO carried out as assesment of those who ran to Juba city in South Sudan and found out that, there are over 500 Nubian, young and old in Juba town. most of them came to the area in August 2011. They are living in groups of 20s and 30s. Most of them have no food to eat at the time of the assesment. However, NCDO was able to exend a small releif to about 440 people. Find Out More..