NCDO has its legal document that governs the day todays administration. the constitution has spelt out all the organization's stand and laws. All NCDO staff and B.O.G haveagreed to abid by it and this document shall also be applied to any member, party or Organization that will subscribe to NCDO vision and mission. see NCDO constitution here !


This hand book is a tool that states all bi-laws of the NGO. All displinary laws and employement laws have been clearly stated All the staff are governed by the policies. This hand book is updated when ever a need arises. Download a full version here !


This Consist of 7 members
1 Mr.Moses Angupale Chairman
2 Mr.Martin Bolus Agrouf Deputy Chairman
3 Mr.Benjamin Barnaba Secretary
4 Mr.Aluma Mugadam  Treasurer
5 Mr.James Adam Member
6 Mr.Musa Gemes  Member
7 Mr.James Suliman Angelo Legal advisor

this members meet twice in a year as stated in the consitution they advice NCDO and its entere management on issues that arise and also in amendiment of the constitution and policy book.


NCDO has more than 40 staff in the year 2009. This list included the Board of Governors The staff in the list are capable and are the ones contributing for the success of NCDO in its interventions in Water and Sanitation, Community training and the Education program. NCDO is still committed in building the capacity of its staff for effectiveness of itsservices to the community. Some of the staff are brought from South Sudan and others from Nuba Mountains. NCDO will still employ more staff in case it is expanding from its operations and areas of intervations. See the staff list here !


1: Mr.Malish Josephias

Executive Director,NCDO

2:Mrs.Hellas Akechias

Finance Manager,NCDO

3: Mr.Sylvester Sundayias

Comunity Development officer,NCDO

4:Mr.Jonathan Richardias

Education Officer,NCDO

5:Mr.Sallah Mohamedias


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