NCDO in partnership with IAS has been working in the field of water for the last two years. Drilling of new boreholes is our main focus followed by rehabilitation of broken hand pumps This year NCDO has a budget to drill 30 new boreholes fitted with hand pumps and also construct 2 mini-water yards. More so, more than a dozen boreholes to be rehablitated.

Current activities.!

NCDO is currently drilling 18 boreholes in Kasha, Shifir and Salamat all in Lagawa county. the mentioned areas still suffer from acute safe and clean water shortage for human consumption the activity is estimated that over 3,750 people will have access to clean water by the end of 2009. More focus is also put for training hand pump machanics and care takers for the long sustainability of the water points Other boreholes will be drilled in Tima, Julud and Tulushi in lagawa and Dilling counties.

Future Plan!

NCDO is planing to intervine in provision of water in other new areas preferebly the areas that has been marked as priorities by the state gvernment.

NCDO staff getting stuck in the mud below!!


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