NCDO has newly introduced the secondary education following the request from the community and some students who study in the existing english schools in south Kordofan. The school now has 50 students who came from the two counties of Dilling and Lagawa. NCDO brought in 6 teachers from South Sudan who are currently running the school. The school is sharing one of the nursery school classes for the moment and it will be moved to its own site after the construction of the structures. NCDO has gotten some friends in Germany who promised to fund for the school construction and the project will start in November 2009. This year the school registered a number of new students from around the two counties of Lagawa and Dilling. The number of students now has reached to over 120 students.

The number of the students is believed to be more than 150 next year based on the current P8 pupils who are sitting for their exams in Kauda. 2010 in take: This year the school has registered new students from around the region, there are over 70 students that have joined sinior. Due to lack of enough space, the Sinior one students are currently taught in the church near Tima nursery school since the school is still under construction. NCDO is pleased to see the progress of the school and call for more students from deferent parts of Nuba to join the school for the betterment of their future.


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