NCDO in Partnership with IAS South Sudan will be carrying out a feasibility study and training on SNE/IE in Yei County Central Equotoria state. The aim of the study is to find out the actors and gaps on SNE and to build the capacity of NCDO to angage in SNE with full strength. The Study will take place from 19th-30th August 2013.

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    NCDO has also the privillage to introduce the most neglected special needs education program in Nuba Mountains. The program is still in its first stage of establishment. NCDO is traing four teachers on long distance training. The teachers are enrolled to Kenya Institute of Special Needs Education(KISE)- Distance learning program. NCDO main partner IAS brought in a consultant from KISE who is training the teachers and also NCDO executive members on management of the program. IAS started the program in Somaliland since 2002 and has a lot of experience that NCDO is building on it. Stephen Mawras a consultant from KISE carried out a base line survey in Nuba Mountains(down load full report here) early this year. the results where discursed in a conference organised by NCDO in Julud at Dr. John Garang Memorial centre. (down load full report here). In August 2009, NCDO members made a visit to Haigaisa to share experience with SASE( Somaliland Association for Special Education). Hence, NCDO has now gained some experience that can guide them in runing the SNE project.

down load full report on NCDO visit to Somaliland here



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